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Installation on Mac

Installation of DiffKt on a Mac

  1. Create a Github account, if you do not have one.

  2. Setup your github account to use ssh.

  3. Setup your github account to use a token.

  4. Install github tools,

    brew install gh

  5. Install the token into github tools.

  6. At GitHub make sure your token has "read:packages" scope. 7Fork facebookresearch/diffkt to you github account.

  7. Clone the fork to your local computer.

    gh repo clone {github-id}/diffkt

  8. Check your local DiffKt project to see if the original facebookresearch/diffkt.git is upstream,

    cd {your git projects}/diffkt

    git remote -v

    You should see

    origin{gethub id}/diffkt.git (fetch)

    origin{gethub id}/diffkt.git (push)

    upstream (fetch)

    upstream (push)

    If you are missing upstream, execute the following.

    git remote add upstream

  9. Read the github docs for merging your local repository with upstream,

  10. Create the file diffkt\kotlin\github.env with the following information in it,

    GITHUB_ACTOR={your username}

    GITHUB_TOKEN={your access token with the read:packages permission}

  11. TBD, Instructions on C++ build enviroment.

  12. In general, pull from upstream and merge, but checkin to origin (your fork) and do a pull request to merge with upstream,

  13. Install Oracle JDK 11

  14. Set JAVA_HOME to point to Oracle JDK 11

  15. Add $JAVA_HOME/bin to your PATH in your shell initialization file,

    export PATH = ${PATH}:$JAVA_HOME/bin

  16. Add the following environmental variables in your shell initialization file:

    export JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH=$JAVA_HOME/include/

    export JAVA_INCLUDE_PATH2=$JAVA_HOME/include/linux/

    export JAVA_AWT_INCLUDE_PATH=$JAVA_HOME/include/

  17. Reinitialize your shell.

  18. Install Brew if it is not installed,

    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  19. Install the following packages using Brew,

    brew install cmake

    brew install onednn

    brew install libomp

    brew install eigen

  20. Build the cpp/ops directory,

    pushd cpp/ops

    mkdir -p build && cd build


    make -j && CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=1 make test


  21. Build the cpp/gpuops directory,


  22. Build the Kotlin system

    pushd kotlin

    ./gradlew clean

    ./gradlew build